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Virtual Therapy

YOUR STUDENTS. our focus.

Our Virtual Therapy Services

  • Speech Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Physical Therapy

  • Counseling

  • Assessments and Diagnostics

Engage Solutions specializes in providing the highest quality teletherapy services to students and schools nationwide. Services include live face-to-face online Speech-Language, Occupational, and Physical Therapy as well as Counseling/Social Work and Assessments/Diagnostics.

Engage Solutions hires only the most qualified and experienced therapists; we customize our therapy to meet school’s needs; and we deliver hands-on, high quality services in all areas.

Why Teletherapy

  • Do you find you always have more students in need of services then you have therapists?
  • Do you live in place where it is a challenge to hire therapists to work on-site in your school?
  • Do you experience sudden changes in staffing, leaving you in a lurch to provide services?
  • Teletherapy is the perfect solution!
  • Teletherapy connects therapists to under-served students in need.
  • By eliminating the limitations of location, we can immediately find therapists who are available to serve students in programs all across the country.
  • Studies have shown that Teletherapy is just as effective as in-person therapy.
  • It is fun for students, and it’s an easy-to-use solution

We know technology can be daunting, and that’s why Engage Solutions has made our interface easy, accessible, and fun to use. We do the work so you don’t have to!

Who We Are

Our Background

Engage Solutions was founded by dedicated teletherapy professionals with over 20 years of experience in both Related Services and Technology Innovation fields.
Engage Solutions prides itself on defining and developing smart solutions for schools’ therapeutic needs. Headed by experienced speech language pathologists and special education experts with a long track record in the Teletherapy space,
Engage Solutions is determined to bridge the gap between students’ needs and therapists’ expertise.

Why We Chose the Name “Engage Solutions”

Engage Solutions believes the foundation of success lies within finding the spark, and determination that drives students to ENGAGE in the learning process on the deepest level. Half the battle of achieving related service goals is effectively ENGAGING students and finding out what motivates them to succeed.

Your Students are Our Focus! Engage Solutions is dedicated to ENGAGING students on every level of their teletherapy experience. Our commitment is to:

  • Motivate student learning
  • Encourage student participation
  • Connect students and therapists through positive experience
  • Pledge successful outcomes for students
  • Guarantee schools and students meet their goals
  • Support the advancement of academic success for students with special needs

Our Mission and Our Values

At Engage Solutions, we take pride in seeing the progress students make towards their goals while working with our highly qualified E-Therapists. The passion we have for supporting students’ success is evident in everything we do.

Our promise:

  • Passionately focused therapists invested in student achievement
  • Data-driven results by tracking and monitoring your students’ progress
  • Optimize innovative therapy solutions for each student’s program
  • Successful outcomes for students and school-related service programs
  • Supreme customer service support with a quick response time to our clients’ needs

Our platinum level of personal support and dedication to your program gives you confidence that your students are thriving and receiving the highest quality services available. Your Students. Our Focus.

Our Therapists

We employ the most Highly Qualified Speech, Occupational and Physical therapists, as well as Mental Health Counselors. We are dedicated to hiring and training therapists who truly ENGAGE students on every level and ensure their success in the classroom and beyond. Our therapists engage personally and professionally to provide the most successful therapy. All our therapists have years of experience working in myriad school settings with varying populations of students. Our therapists are State and Nationally Certified with the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA), American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), or the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). Engage Solutions conforms to all HIPAA, FERPA, and industry standards.

Our Leadership Team

The Engage Solutions leadership team possesses the expertise and the Teletherapy “Know How” to ensure that your needs are met with the high standards you expect. Our leadership consists of a combination of therapists, special education administrators, and technology experts that have come together to provide a dream team, creating an exciting, effective therapy experience for your students. Our experienced team will onboard your Teletherapy program seamlessly, and customize our services to meet your needs. Your Students. Our Focus.

The Engage Solutions Advantage

eSMART Platform

Data tracking and reporting are essential in every special education program. We have developed a comprehensive and smart tracking system. This system ensures you are always up-to-date with each student’s session data. Our eSMART platform allows you to track your student’s progress in real-time and monitor their progress made towards their IEP goals. eSMART allows you to refer students easily. eSMART provides a transparent experience to monitor and quickly access all your current billing/invoice information.

Engage Solutions makes every effort to provide a clear 360-degree view of the services you are receiving. Our platform tracks important information and metrics that ensure our customers are receiving the best services possible. Among the metrics tracked, related to performance and cost, are:

  • Total number of sessions delivered (real-time)
  • IEP goal progress
  • Regular reporting on the total progress the student is making toward meeting their IEP goals
  • Number of times sessions that are canceled and the reasons why (to ensure that all sessions will be made up, when required)
  • Technical issues, i.e. if a student or school has issues with their own system and/or the Engage Solutions system
  • Effectiveness of our therapists’ and students’ performance via charts, graphs and reports in real-time
  • Monitoring of sessions conducted
  • Soliciting feedback from our therapists, account managers, schools, students and families


We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and our ability to work with schools to customize our services to meet your needs. Our flexibility and dedication allow us to provide exactly what you need, when you need it. We know how important having a strong partner is when delivering essential services.

Engage Solutions listens to school administration to understand exactly what works best for them. We tailor our services to provide exactly what schools need. We have no minimum caseloads or hidden fees. We always put the students first.


Our founders’ experience in serving schools nationwide has taught them how to deliver exceptional Teletherapy sessions that result in tremendous student progress. The team at Engage Solutions works with over 100 schools, has over 200 therapists, and has delivered 300,000+ teletherapy sessions to schools and students throughout the USA, including those in underserved areas, online education programs, charter schools, public schools, blended schools, and traditional brick-and-mortar schools.

Customer Service

Engage Solutions is dedicated to exceptional customer service, which includes access to our account management team, executive team, financial billing department, our eSMART system, and our technical support group. Our primary goal is to provide high-quality related services to your students. We are available Monday through Friday during school/business hours (7am – 7pm EST).

Engage Solutions is in constant communication with schools. We provide quality control surveys to our teachers and parents. We follow up on a daily basis with school needs and meet with team members to discuss progress and usage of our Engage Solutions program. We communicate directly with the Special Education contact to determine next steps for students’ needs, and we provide formal reports to schools outlining the services that were conducted.


We also provide Customer Satisfaction/Monitoring. Our Director of Operations is the key liaison that is responsible for ensuring optimal communication between schools and its E-Therapists. We speak regularly with the school’s Special Education contact to receive feedback, and will immediately address any potential issues, problems or concerns that may arise. Engage Solutions will respond within 24 hours to all complaints either via telephone or email. We are always available by email or phone, and are always ready to discuss issues and make plans to deal with any situation that needs attention.

Highly-Qualified Therapists

In order to provide excellent therapy services, Engage Solutions hires only the most qualified and experienced therapists. Our proactive recruiting approach includes a rigorous resume and credential review and interview process. We also ensure all therapists are industry licensed as appropriate, and meet all legal background checks and tests required. The hiring process is intensive and selective, and all applicants must meet our high standards.



To schedule a consultation with one of our specialists, please call 800 619-0039 or email

Join our Team!

Engage Solutions is hiring Therapists to provide services via Teletherapy to school-age students nationwide.

We are seeking independent, creative, flexible therapists who are comfortable working on their computer from home.

We are looking for experienced therapists, preferably with school and/or home health experience who have solid communication skills.

We work in all 50 states, providing Teletherapy services for early intervention students up to students age 22.

Excellent Pay … Caring People … Come Join Our Team!

Why Work with Engage Solutions:


  • Enjoy the flexibility of working from the comfort of your home
  • No commuting to and from schools


  • We have a dedicated staff always ready to support you
  • We hire only the best and most capable staff
  • We are run by highly experienced speech therapists and special education experts. We have a first-hand understanding of the needs of schools, therapists, parents and students


  • Engage Solutions provides a dedicated full-time account manager to support each school. You’ll always have someone you can email or speak with in real-time, should you have any questions
  • Since we all work remotely, we are dedicated to communicating regularly and checking in with therapists often


  • We work with amazing schools across the country, both on-line and brick and mortar
  • Therapists will have a chance to work with students across the country in a wide array of settings


  • We believe in building community and personal relationships
  • Engage Solutions provides multi-level telepractice training


  • Engage Solutions has developed its own proprietary online web database tool to track all session details in real-time
  • eSMART is the repository for all written documentation, progress reports, evaluations, and more
  • eSMART charts progress data for each session delivered


  • Engage Solutions has an exceptional and extensive Digital Library for therapists to access
  • Engage Solutions provides continuing maintenance hours towards your CEUs

How to Apply:

Please send your resume TODAY to